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The Coles were the cool family and I was over at one of their swim parties when I met a boy. We were both 16. We must have hit it off and the next thing I know we were necking in the garage. I have never kissed a boy and so I assumed you always gave him a hand job. He was cuming when Mrs. Cole walked in. She chased the boy away and told me I was in trouble. I begged her not to tell my mom I was kissing a boy. She told me to clean up his mess and stop by after school the next day to do some chores, or my mother would find out.
The next day I reported to Mrs. Cole. I thanked her again for not telling. She then put me right to work. She had me scrub her master bathroom. When I was done she inspected my work and approved. Then she took of her clothes and turned the shower on. Your not done yet she remarked and handed me a bar of soap and a wash cloth. I washed her beautiful 45 year old body, she had saggy breasts and full bushy vagina.

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